Yoga reduces side effects of chemotherapy, says experts

With upcoming International Yoga Day, experts talk about ways in which this age-old practice can cure the side effects of chemotherapy in various types of cancer and also increases the patient’s life span.

They have urged nations across the world to integrate Yoga with the modern medicine, as research has shown evidence that Yoga supports treatment and helps patients in tackling several dreaded diseases.

“Not just Indian but American and European studies have concluded that Yoga helps in decreasing nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy. It not just minimises the pain and the anxiety in the patients but also helps them increase the toleration power and immunity. However, it is necessary for the patient to continue practicing yoga,” P.K. Jhulka, a renowned oncologist and former dean of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), told IANS.

Noting that while undergoing chemotherapy, patients suffer from weakness and mental trauma, he said that Yoga gives mental and physical balance to the patient’s life.

Recent researches have proved that Yoga is beneficial for a plethora of 101 health complications like improving lymphatic circulation, lower blood pressure, lubricate joints and ease the pain of scoliosis.

Sunil Mittal, an eminent psychiatrist and chairman of Cosmos Institute of Mental and Behavioral Sciences (CIMBS), said Yoga is the strongest tool for enhancing health and in building self-confidence.

“There have been proofs that patients with continuous Yoga have recovered even failure of body immunity. It is a holistic science that improves body strength and helps the patients in showing positivity during heart treatment,” Mittal told IANS.

The United Nations has declared June 21 as International Yoga Day in a global endorsement of the ancient Indian discipline.

A large number of Yoga mats will be spread along Rajpath and the verdant lawns of the Central Vista at India Gate in the national capital on Sunday (June 21). Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lead the nation in some early morning Yoga exercises – with 192 countries across the world joining in.

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