Six, eight-packs are not healthy, says Leena Mogre

Celebrity fitness trainer Leena Mogre, who has trained B-town actors and actresses like Madhuri Dixit, John Abraham and Bipasha Basu, is wary of the six and eight-pack abs trend in Bollywood, saying that “it is not at all healthy.”

“Six and eight packs are a creation of the media. The actors do it for their roles, but it is not at all healthy. It is not easily attainable and a strenuous process,” she said.

While highlighting the negative effect of building six and eight-pack abs, Mogre said, “The body fat percentage deceases a lot during this process. Moreover, during film shooting there are a lot of devices like lighting, angles and shots through which six and eight-pack abs are enhanced.”

Another advice to Bollywood from Mogre is, “Don’t think short-term and plan for the long-term as long-term should be their actual goal. Like Madhuri Dixit, who is still fit at this age due to her focus on fitness.”

She also said that fitness enthusiasts must “avoid steroids, eat healthy and stay healthy.”

Mogre owns a chain of fitness centres and has also written a book “Total Fitness: The Leena Mogre Way.”


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