Practo healthcare app: Finding doctors made easy

By Meghna Malik

Looking for a good dentist or dermatologist in your area? Well, you could use Practo, a mobile app that aims to be the Zomato for the ailing.

The Practo app, available for Android and iOS devices, helps users find doctors in their city, and lets them book appointments instantly. With this app, users can find doctors who specialise in dental care, skin care, mental health, critical care medicine, integrated medicine, naturopathy,  speech therapy, surgical oncology and 250 other specialties.

This app also allows users to view details like clinic timings, consultation fees, the doctor’s qualifications and address before making an appointment. Plus Practo’s built-in navigation system pinpoints the exact location of the clinic.

The app’s simple user interface makes booking appointments, and tracking previous appointments a fairly easy task. The app also lists the most common specialties on the home screen, for convenience of the users.

Practo uses an extensive process of verifications and filtering, and provides its users with over 120,000+ verified doctors and clinic profiles. The app helps users in finding doctors in all major Indian cities including Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and others. Practo is also now available in Manila and Singapore also.

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