Watch video: Meditate with open eyes to find inner bliss, here’s how

Alright, we all know about the healing powers of meditation and the impact it has on the quality of our life. But honestly, how many of you have actually been successful in calming yourself completely and finding inner bliss?

I’m sure only a few of you have replied in affirmative and rest of us struggle to find that peaceful moment when we completely detach ourselves from the world and revel in our internal peace.

It’s high time, we look for other ways to meditate; instead of closing eyes and sitting, we can very well meditate with our eyes open and going about our chores.


A video created by Amit Sood, M.D., professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic and the author of The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living suggests an excellent way to beat stress, meditate and feel much more calmer than we feel in our busy lives presently.

Broody the Brain, the protagonist of the video is a poor student of meditation and is disappointed with its inability to perfect the art and then it tries a new way to feel calm.


While exercising meditation with open eyes, here’re few of the lessons that it learnt:

1. “Meditation isn’t leaving the world behind, it’s feeling content and calm”

2. “Focused, relaxed attention is meditation.”

3. “Meditation is when you realise that nothing is more gorgeous than a child’s eyes.”

4. “Meditation is when you hold, immerse yourself and notice colours, pattern and texture of a flower.”

5. “Meditation is gratutiude for life’s little joys”

6. “You meditate when you close your day with a deep thankful intent for all that is good in a day so you feel content”


In essence, he finds out that the new way to meditate is by keeping your eyes open and immerse yourself deep in the small external joyful moments.

Why is it that we need to change the present style of meditating? Broody learnt that 2000 years ago when greater threats were external, directing the brain’s attention inward was a great way to meditate. Today when greater threats are internal imaginary fears, hopes, regrets, diverting attention outwards might be easier.

And how do we do that? We can take time to savour our delicious meals, consider everyone around as extraordinary, and treat everyone kindly.

Moral of the story? Meditation isn’t limited to transient bliss on a seat, meditation is creating compassion and gratitude.

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